Change Name And Signature


    Some among us like to modify or change our name and signature in birth certificate and tenth certificates. On a second thought about the lengthy formalities most of them step back from making a change. And follow the ones in the birth and tenth certificate.Here we will be discussing about how to change ones name and signature legally.

    Documents required :All the documents in which the change must reflect must be submitted. Eg: Birth certificate, tenth certificate, college certificate, and all educational certificates and ID proofs like passport, aadhar card, licence, ration card etc

    Steps to change name and signature 1- Submit an application to the government office duly filling the form meant for the same. ( Make sure to fill only the columns where there is change.)2- Get the form verified from any eligible person. Eligibility of the person to verify is mentioned in the form.3- Attach the documents mentioned above.4- All the attached document must be attested by any gazetted officer.5- Pay the fees due Fees structure to change:
    a) Name and signature – ₹1500 b) Signature only – ₹2140 c) To publish in Gazette – ₹99
    d) Two copies of these will be sent by post. Postal charges ₹36( may verify)
    e) Application form fee – ₹5f) For extra copies from Gazette – ₹5

    How and where to pay the fees?There are mainly 3 ways to pay the fees. They are 1) Direct payment of fees in Trivandrum Government Central press and Jila forum offices during office timings 2) By paying challan to treasuries.3) From post offices as money orders For more details and link of application form link. Please watch the video.