E District


    The world is moving to paper less to digital world. Our government is no behind. E- District Kerala is our new development in IT sector.

    E- District is an establishment in connection with the IT sector of Kerala. It is established for the well being and convenience of the people of Kerala. A person from anywhere around the world can access the village and taluk offices in Kerala through E- district. Downloading certificates, submitting application can be done from anywhere around the globe. The long ques in village and taluk offices are no more a view in Kerala. E- District plays a vital role in making these offices corruption and bribe free as most of the work is done online. E- District have covered 25 certificate services done through village offices. 4.5 crores application have been processed through E- district, around 2.5 crores registration have been made. All the village offices and taluk offices and approximately 3000 Akshaya centers are part of E- district. Apart from this, compensation for people who suffer from wildlife attacks in area which fall under Kerala forest and wildlife conservation, and utility bill payment services and many other services are also incorporated in this portal for the ease of common people.

    This program have received various prestigious awards.The world is with development and innovative. Paper less tomorrow being an idea we look forward and our aim. The people and the government are happy with the development of E-District. An other specifications of this program is Digi Locker. This is an online locker where every person can have a locker where all there certificate and other applications and documents can be saved and downloaded from anywhere by the person anytime. This helps in reducing the pain of carrying certificates in paper form. It also helps in easy access to these certificate even through mobile phones. From 2016 E-District is connected with Digi Locker. The certificates of every person who have registered adhar number have been linked to E-District and Digi Locker by default by the IT department of the government. Another advantage of E-District is even those who have not linked adhar number can also pull certificate from Digi Locker.
    As per renewed account around 3.5 crores certificate are available in Digi Locker.

    You can apply through the below link https://edistrict.kerala.gov.in