Health Insurance New Changes


    When health is lost something is lost. Health is an important aspect for each and everyone. While healthy if we don’t think about the unhealthy days that may come someday, life will turn out to be a miserable one. In foreign countries the government makes it a point to collect a part of everyone’s income and maintain health insurance. But here it is not so. Not all employers provide insurance for their employees.

    There were health insurance scheme under our government schemes not everyone is familiar with. Arogya Sanjeevani is the health insurance policy that is set by the government. The terms and conditions of this policy is clearly explained to the client and claiming these policy is also easy and not complicated as other private health insurance policy whose terms and conditions are not clear most of the time.

    Here will discuss about the government health insurance policy( Arogya Sanjeevani) and its new rules set by IRDA-Arogya Sanjeevani was set up by government to help the commoners for the fear of hefty hospital bills.The main of this policy is to make every company follow the same insurance policy.The terms and conditions of this policy is less -complicated when compared to many private health insurance policy.There the claims are less rejected.

    The new rules set up by IRDA for Arogya Sanjeevani are:If the policy holder have completed 8 years in paying the yearly premium amount without any dues, insurance company must not reject the request for claiming the policy amount upon any health related issues. This rule is applicable from April 1, 2021 for the existing policies. For new policies this is applicable from the date of buying a policy.The policy don’t cover any existing health problem”. This has been changed. On correctly specifying the current health issues with proper evidence the policy will provide cover for this after a maximum waiting period of 4 years.

    All the health issues that arise after taking the policy must be covered by the policy. This includes depression, accidents etc.The premium amount cannot be increased for three years from the last change made. This change in premium amount must be informed to the holder 3 months prior to the change.For more details watch the video.