Kerala Government Vijnjana Deepthi


    Our government have a good news for the people. Vijnjana Deepthi 2020. A new scheme to developed for students. This scheme is looking forward to give ₹ 2000 per student for three years.

    Details:The state government have kept aside ₹ 2.33 crores for Vijnjana Deepthi 2020.This scheme mainly concentrate on students hailing from financially backward families, children of juvenile homes and care homes etc.The financial support is given for three years.The eligible students fall below the age of 18.70 students from each district will be selected every year for availing this benefit.A total of 1000 students per year is getting this benefit.

    Conditions:The financial support is given for three or until the age of 18 whichever falls first.Aim:To brings back staying in JJ care stays back to their own homes and ensuring education from home.To ensure the registration of JJ homes.For details watch video from the above link