Life Mission For Home


    Our Kerala government is now building houses for the needy. Together with PMAY and Indra Avaas Yojana and all other schemes Life mission is to start a new mission. With support from the state government this missions is set off with incorporating other central Government missions.This mission is aimed at building houses for people who are found eligible under this scheme.Under this mission if the construction causes anything more than the government estimated amount that extra amount is the liability of the person. The amount to build the house is paid by the government in installments as and when the construction is in progress.

    Eligible candidates selection:The eligible candidates were selected on the basis of 2011 census. Then the members of kudumbashree was in charge of selecting the eligible candidates.In tribal areas SC/ST welfare workers found the eligible persons.Then there was an opportunity to file our protest against biased selection. Due to ignorance or lack of evidence protesting did not take place. And the mission benefits did not reach the needy as intended.

    With the third phase beginning, the scheme is incorporating people without any land to build a house.The government has brought land to build flats for landless people who fall under the scheme. The government is working towards bringing together all the other factors involved for construction like engineering workers etc. The government is now accepting new application towards this scheme with renews conditions.
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