New Business Ideas


    Small business is nowadays very much supported by government and other organisations. Small business is now a days very much being encouraged. It’s easy to set up a small business. The investment for such business is very less compared to other business ideas. Even the raw material and labor charge is affordable.

    Here we are talking about oil extracting business. Oil is so costly in the market. Especially when it comes to coconut oil it is quite expensive. Kerala is the state which uses the most Coconut oil and the rate is also high in Kerala. Let’s think about producing this at home. The cost can be reduced to half. Coconut is freely available in almost all the houses in Kerala. With just the initial cost of buying a machine making oil will become an easy and also opens up a scope of small business where one can make a earning.With proper planning one can earn a good amount of profit. This machine separates the coconut water, shell, and waste and extract the oil separately. The leftover products can be use as buy products and also be sold.Unlike the olden days with this machine oil extraction is very simple. With minimal effort oil can be easily extracted and by products easily separated for different uses.

    The oil extraction machine is easily available in our online market. The cost is affordable even by a layman. Now it cost around 20k. The method of using the machine is written in the brochure in such a way that everyone can easily understand and work on it. The machine is not constrained to coconut oil alone, it can extract oil from any seeds, like ground nuts, castor seeds, sunflower seeds etc. Around 4-8 kg of oil can be extracted within an hour. The machine weight is only 11.5 kg. The machine can continuously work from 6-8 hours per day. It also comes with one year warranty for motor and gear box. The machine does not make much noise while extraction. And cleaning is also simple.
    If brought through online we have an advantage of returning the machine within ten days. And also reviewing the remarks made by other customers of the product. As of now there are no downside for this machine.Moving toward healthy tomorrow and unadulterated foods. Why not lets start from our oil. Let make it home for our near and dear ones and also earn a small profit from it.