Scholarship For Disabled Students


    Vidhya Kiranam Scholarship for students from class 1 to Post Graduation. A new program under the initiative of Kerala state governments.Various private business and institute give the facilities of scholarship for students of different classes based on various criteria.Some give it to students from financially backward background, while some give it to students whose score are excellent, some give it to the privileged and so on.

    Here,Kerala state government is providing a scholarship for students from class 1 to post graduation be it professional or non professional for ten months from the commencement of academic year.

    Eligibility criteria:1) Students whose parent or parents are 40% or more disabled
    2) The applicant my be a BPL ration card holder. The applicant must be the guardian of the student.3) Annual income should not exceed ₹100000.4) If the student is getting any scholarship or financial support from any program under central government need not apply for this scholarship.


    Time to apply:Application is accepted only till July 31. The application is accepted for two from the commencement of the academic year of the school.Documents to be submitted along with application form:1) A verification letter from the principal of the school in which the student is currently studying.2) Bank account details3) Copy of ration card
    4) Income certificate from the village office 5) The certificate proving the disability of the parent or parents is above 40%.

    Where and how to apply?The application form can be downloaded from any Aakshya center The application form must be duly filled and submitted to the district social justice officer.

    Scholarship amount:class 1 to class 5 — ₹300 per month class 6 to class 10 — ₹500 per month +1,+2 and ITI studet — ₹750 per month Graduation, post graduation, 3 year diploma courses, other professional and non professional courses — ₹1000 per month.For reference and other details.Go through.