Social Security Pension


    Accepting new application towards getting social security pension has commenced again. There are few things to remember in making this application. Also some changes for the existing applicants.There are 4900000 pensioners under this pension scheme. The pension amount was ₹ 1200 which has been increased to ₹ 1300.The mustering date had been extended till July 15. The place under containment zone and triple lock down the mustering will be extended for another week.It is always advisable to approach the nearest Aakshya center for updated details about the same.

    For information:There are more than 49 lakhs pensioners in this scheme.The government has allocated around 24 crores for this scheme.The number of pensioner has increased over the last four years.There are lot of pension scheme under this mission like old age pension, pension for unmarried women above the age of 50 etc.The mission first initiated the pension amount directly to the pensioners bank account. Now the pension is made to receive directly to the pensioners home.

    We must all try and make use of these advantages that our government is setting forward for us. And also must spread these information to the ignorant.For more details please watch the video in the link.