Sukanya Samrdhi Yojana


    Ours is a male dominating country where the care and concern for women is also given. Women is considered with respect and is now been given equality at many places. Nowadays women stand together and above men at many fields. But still in some places still girls are not let to schools and colleges and wedding expenses due to illiteracy of parents or cash constraints. Our government has looked into this problem and made certain scheme for this as well. One such scheme is Sukanya samrathi yojana (SSY). This scheme is mainly for women education and women well being. But the pain is this scheme is not reached many yet. Many are still unaware of this.

    SSY is a program set up by government to provide a saving for future of a girl child. This is an extention of the governments program ” beti bachao beti padavi” mission.A girl child of age 10 can start this joint account along with a guardians help with a small invest of min ₹250 per month. The maximum amount for one annual year is 1.5 lakhs. The payment period toward this policy is 14 years after that until maturity (i.e 21 years) the government will provide interest. After the maturity period the amount can be withdrawn along with the interest.The main advantage of this scheme is completely tax free.After the child has completed 18 years 50%can be withdrawn for her higher education. The account gets closed with the marriage of the child.

    This account can be started the post office.With 3 photo and copy of adhar card of the guardian and child and also the child’s birth certificate this account can be opened.Now with digital payment systems developing at a rapid rate this account can be opened with an application.The amount payed towards this scheme can be deducted under sec 80(c) up to a limit of 1.5 lakh per year. The lump sum amount receivable at maturity along with interest is completely tax free.