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Directors irked with Kavya Madhavan’s attitude !

Kavya Madhavan who is endeavoring for an effective rebound after a crevice has allegedly rubbed some directors with her tenacity and conditions. According to reports, Kavya has chosen to render her own voice to her characters. Kavya’s choice has brought on alarm for those movie makers, who are not very content with her voice. Their arrangements to utilize a naming voice for her characters have run into unpleasant weather. The post production works of her forthcoming Aakashavani, is getting postponed as the director doesn’t need her to give voice for the character, who is a TV host.


The director who needs the an impeccable and agile ladylike voice chose to look for the assistance of a popular dubbing artist to dub for the character. This choice has not run down well with Kavya and she is presently not coordinating with the movie team.