Miss Queen of India at kochi

Miss Queen of India at kochi
Miss Queen of India at kochi

Miss Queen of India 2015 to held on Saturday at Kochi.

The 5th version of Miss Queen of India will be held at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai on this saturday. To get these lovely contenders sure and prepared for the impressive and socially unrestrained day in their lives, a prepping session was composed here at Beaumonde, Kochi.The sessions comprised of yoga, reflection, identity improvement, catwalk, excellence tips, photograph, collaboration, and power to look all of which helped encourage the contenders to upgrade their qualities and defeat their shortcomings. Gaining from the best of the best mold choreographers and coaches, these women are certain to situated the stage on fire.


Parvathy Omanakuttan,Toshma Biju Pooja Bhamraah, Khalid Siddhique, Mili Verghese constitute the judging board.

The Miss Queen event that has been fruitful in the course of recent years won’t simply take a gander at the current parts of a lady additionally her social and customary features to test her holding with the country.