Old actress Geetha in mini screen

Old Actress Geetha in mini screen

Old Actress Geetha in mini screenOld Film actress Geetha in mini screen

Old actress Geetha is top most actress in south Indian industry . She acted lot of films in Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada.Now this beautiful actress is trying to become the part of mini screen . She is most interested now in mini screen and serials. She is set to act in soap sthreethwam directed by the famous director p c Venugopal.  She plays the role as soosanama an strong women to brings up her kids her own. She was born in Chennai in the year 1962. Later she acted in various south Indian films and became famous in south Industry. In Malayalam films also she got powerful characters in  Abhimanyu and Oru vadakkan Veeragatha. After the marriage she moved to USA in 1997. Its her reentry in mini screen world.