Police case aganist Aamir khan

Police case aganist aamir khan

New complaint aganist bollywood actor Aamir Khan

There is a new police case against the popular Bollywood actor Aamir khan . The case was logged due to a complaint by popular short film maker . As per the latest reports he gave the complaint in Delhi police. Based on the complaint the matter include Aamir khan used an unusual word “Thulla” for police in his film PK . Before in july there was complaint filed aganist the Delhi chief minister Aravind Kejarival, based on this Ullas said a complaint filed against chief minister then why not a film actor.

Police case aganist aamir khan

On  July 26 he saw the film and from that time he is thinking about the case to file against Aamir khan. PK is the one of super hit film which breaks all the collection reports in Bollywood. Also Aamir plays an extra ordinary role in the film Pk. His acting in this film is natural and have great praise from all the audience. He gave the complaint on Ashok nagar Police station on Sunday afternoon