Radhika Apte Leaked video goes viral

Radhika Apte Leaked video goes viral
Radhika apte Leaked video goes viral


Radhika Apte Leaked video goes viral

Actress Radhika apte nude clip from a short film goes viral in industry . In all over the news Radhika apte trends the industry. According to the new reports and news the nude video of Radhika apte goes viral in social media and in Wats app and also the instant messages from last Sunday on-wards. The nude clip is leaked from a 20 min short film said by the short film director Anurag Kashyap. Anurag reported the crime to Mumbai police to take necessary action against the crime. But already the video goes viral all over media.



The short film director Anurag kashyap said to all medias that its a 20 min short film which shoots in progress and is based on a true story. In this film Radhika apte act as a bold character, there was a powerful moment of a women takepart her dress from front to expose.This scene can be done only by a bold actress in industry said by Anurag. Anurag is angry  about this leaked video. Before some months a video was viral with name of Radhika, Now its a real video which is leaked from short film. Now Radhika acted in Various Indian languages , Hindi, Bengali, Marathi,Telugu,Tamil and in Malayalam. Her latest Malayalam film is Haram. Fahad fasil is the hero in this film but this film don’t get positive reports in box office. Her husband is famous music director Benedict Taylor.

This short film was an international one and released only in international market.Based on the true story all the short films give an new impact in the industry.Six films directed by different famous directors from different countries and regions to make a big film as international level. Now the leaked nude video goes viral so the short film also goes viral in industry . Radhika did not replied about this leaked video.