Beard growth faster

Beard growth faster
Beard growth faster



All the new generation boys love the beard.Most of the guys like to have a beard because of various reasons.Some of the peoples do not have much beard because of various genetic reason.It is not easy to simply overcome this issue.It’s   lifestyle, climate change, and so on. Here we introduced some simple natural tips to fasten the growth of will surely help the growth of beard.This natural remedy is simple and easy to use.


1, Take two tablespoon onion juice and one tablespoon coconut oil.Mix the two solutions and shake well. Apply the solution in the beard portions and massage for more than 5 minutes.Wash it after fifteen minutes in lukewarm water. Do it daily for one month to grow the beard faster.It will surely help the growth of beard in one or two months.

2, Take one teaspoon almond oil mix it with one teaspoon castor oil. Apply the solution in your beard it will surely help the growth of beard.Castor oil is good for the beard growth.Use this method continuously for one month will help for beard growth.

3, Take one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and one tablespoon lemon juice. Mix the two solutions and shake it for two minutes. Apply the solution in beard parts.Wash it after 30 minutes before sleep.Do it daily for two weeks.It’s also a good method for beard growth. 

4, Mix some potato juice with gooseberry oil. Apply this solution in beard growing part. Apply it and massage the solution in the face for five minutes. Wash the solution after twenty minutes in lukewarm water.

5, Mix one tablespoon castor oil with one egg white.Apply this mixed solution in the face and apply for five minutes. Use it daily twice will surely help for the beard growth.Here below video gives the detailed description about beard growth