Cough remedies

Cough Remedies
Cough Natural remedies


                                     Nowadays Cough is the main problem faced by children’s and old peoples.There is a lot of natural remedies for preventing an unnatural cough.Here we introduced four natural remedies to prevent a cough easily.You can easily make it at in home.

COUGH REMEDIES 1:  Take one glass water and boil the water after that put some holy basil leaves(Thulasi ila) in it.Use this water with honey twice a day. It will surely help to stop a cough.

COUGH REMEDIES 2: Take some ginger and make a paste with honey. Use this solution twice a day helps to prevent a cough.

COUGH REMEDIES 3: Make a paste with pepper powder and honey also help to prevent an unusual cough. 

COUGH REMEDIES 4: Make a paste of rock sugar and onion.Use it daily morning and evening help to reduce a cough