Cure Piles Home Tips


Everyone who have fissures or pikes find it difficult to share it with a doctor or expert, hence, the search online and end up in getting the wrong information and landing in bigger trouble. Speaking of this to a doctor in the early stages saves one from great pain and complications of surgery. Fissure is a condition where the tip of anal opening gets cracks and small bruises which because pain and bleeding. Fissure is different from piles. Here are few tips to cure these at home if at an early stage.

Avoid stopping motion. Go to toilet regularly. Using pressure while going to toilet causes formation of cracks. And these hurt and bleed this can lead to infection. Increase the fibrous food in the diet. Also include vegetables and fruits in the diet
Avoid egg,chicken and fried item which makes stool hard.Drink adequate water. Avoid dehydration.Practice exercise as a daily routine. For proper digestion sleep well.Avoid tension. Develop a positive attitude.Change toilet habits. These are few tips to reduce fissures.For more tips and details refer the video