Gas problems

Gas problems
Gas problems


                                              Gas is the main problems faced by all new generation peoples.Its cased due to the change in food habits.we can easily avoid gas by avoiding the fast and junk foods.Natural things is better to avoid the gas trouble.By the use of various chemicals and other health disposable things leads to health problems.By the use of plastic and also deforestation leads to various diseases.To avoid all these this we are make new ways.Gas is also a lifestyle disease.Our unhealthy habit of food leads to gas.Alcohol and smoking is also the causes of gas trouble.There is lot of home made Ayurveda remedies to avoid gas trouble.Over gas leads to various toxic conditions.


1, From Junk and Fast food 

2, Quick eat of food items

3, Drinking

4, Smoking


1, Take some garlic juice and lemon juice. Mix these two and shake well. use it twice a day will surely give relief from gas trouble.

2, Cardamom: Its a good item from nature to prevent the gas trouble.Use it in food or chew it is good relief for Gas

3, EXERCISE: Daily exercise will surely give relief from Gas trouble and gas trouble making problems in our body.

4,PEPPERMINT: Use peppermint leaves to get fast relief from the gas and related diseases.