IPL Opening Ceremony

IPL Opening Ceremony
IPL Opening Ceremony

IPL8: Social media claims its the worst IPL opening ceremony ever!


A dreary emcee in Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor just about taking a tumble and Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma venturing on a light were a piece of the IPL opening service on Tuesday that veered from the script and apparently neglected to satisfy desires.

Deferred by downpour, the affair occasion with exhibitions from Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan and performing artist Anushka Sharma among others neglected to inspire Indians viewing, with social networking clients panning the show and focusing on host Ali Khan.


From calling it a “clammy squib” to “Even mehendi function of Indian weddings are additionally exciting in views and all”, individuals picked informal communication locales to pour out their disappointment.

“This may sound cruel, yet Saif Ali Khan appears to be very lost facilitating this service,” tweeted one.

“#ThankYouSaif for ruining such an awesome occasion like #IPLOpeningCeremony,” posted another.

Pulling for their most loved silver screen and cricket stars, the swarm had a lighter minute when an apparently nervous Sharma ventured on a light while climbing the stage.

Looking humiliated, the batsman figured out how to discover his spot on the stage however not before the swarm had a chuckle.

Kapoor had his oh no minute when he just about had a tumble while getting onto the stage for his execution. Taking a couple of seconds to recapture his self-restraint, the performing artist quickly broke into his move routine in the midst of noisy salud.

A tweet “lastly the most exceedingly terrible opening service in worldwide games is over! *sighofrelief* #IPLOpeningCeremony” maybe entireties up the famous inclination