Mohana vaidyar about varicose vein

Mohana vaidyar about varicose vein
Mohana vaidyar about varicose vein


The varicose vein is one of most irritating health problem nowadays. It’s also caused due to our food habits and also the lifestyle.Varicose were seen after the age of forty. Some peoples genetically have varicose.Fast food is the main problem of varicose vein.If we don’t treat varicose well it will cause a lot of problems in life.Mainly this is twisted and enlarged veins.Mostly varicose is affected in legs


1, Tomato: Overusing of tomato help to prevent varicose vein.Cut the tomato in the circle shape and placed in affected part for 1 hour it helps to reduce the pain and solve the twisted parts.

2, Garlic: Garlic is one of the best medicine for varicose vein.It increases the blood flow and removes the blocks in vein.Garlic helps to remove the toxins from our body.Below we can study how to use garlic to treat varicose

1, Garlic paste,

2, Olive oil,

3, Orange juice,

Mix the three items and shake well, Make it before 12 hours before using it.Use the solution in affected part twice a day. It will surely help to prevent varicose.These are the main tips to prevent varicose.The below video describes Mohana Vaidyar about varicose vein varicose which helps you more.