Problems While Using Phone In Bathroom


In researches scientist and doctors found out most of the diseases come out while we using phone in toilets. Mostly bathroom or toilet is the main source which bacteria’s carry out.The main problem with phones is that we usually touch the phone always with our hands so that the result was our hands can mostly transfer bacteria on to the phone which we used .Even worse is when we use our own mobile phone in public bathroom or toilets since germs are released with us when we flushed in toilets.

Always Stay healthy and use most simple and helpful precautions .Use a microfiber cloth regularly that removes many germs Or wipe out your phone with a cloth dipped in a solution of 60 percent water and 40 percent rubbing alcohol for remove virus and bacteria.The most important thing is as a result there is lot of unknown diseases come out.Most of the study’s says using mobile in toilets is an unhealthy habit. So avoid it for at least ten minutes in toilets and always stay healthy.For more you can watch the video here.