Reduce cholestrol

Reduce cholestrol
Reduce cholestrol


Most of the common people’s fear of cholesterol.Cholesterol is a dangerous disease which is most powerful to destroy our life.Most of the 40 aged peoples use medicines for cholesterol.It’s due to our change in lifestyle and various external factors.Exercise and controlling of food are the main remedies to overcome these situations.Kerala is number one in literacy.But the literal peoples who do not do it wisely.It causes various problems in our society.The consumption of food which is more oily food is high in the state of kerala.



1, Heart Attack

2, Stroke

3, Chest pain

To overcome this situation we must do the proper diet and exercise it must surely help to reduce the unwanted cholesterol level.Here we introduced a video about cholesterol with is purely an experience occur in his life.Its just a matter occurs in my life.So i interested to share my experience .It must be helpful to reduce the level.Please watch the video and give your valuable comments and supports.