Remedies for piles and asthma

Remedies for piles and asthma
Asthama natural remedies by mohana vaidyar


There is a lot of home remedies for piles and asthma.It can be easily controlled by the natural ways.It’s not easy to cure piles.It has a lot of symptoms and not easy to do our daily works. Here the video described how to cure the piles naturally.There is a lot of home remedies applicable for piles.It is mainly seen the peoples who sit more than 8 hours.And it also mainly in peoples who drink less water.Blood vessels swelling and crack is the main symptom of piles.It is mainly a lifestyle disorder.


1, Take some Durva grass and crush hard with curd of boiled it with milk.Drink this daily once a day. which is the help to prevent the piles

2, Use dried pomegranate peels and its to be soaked for fifteen minutes and it is blended with the rock salt, jeera powder and also the buttermilk. Drink this solution thrice a week help us to prevent the piles.

3, Raddish and radish juice is also helpful to stop piles

4, Jeera powder and onion is also a remedy for piles. To control the bleeding use jeera paste in affected part.

Drink lot of water, Eat fibrous food, Avoid maidha, Daily exercise will help to prevent the piles. Here the below video describes more about the remedies and symptoms of piles