Remove Facial Hair

Remove Facial Hair
Remove Facial Hair


Most of the girls were always looking for their beauty.They always give first preference for their beauty.Here we introduced some tips for girls to remove the facial hair.This natural home remedies will surely help to remove facial hairs.We can make it in the home itself with the low budget.Artificial and allopathy creams having a lot of side effects and not getting good results.But this home making paste will surely help to remove facial hair easily.


1, Take one papaya, Make it small pieces and crush the pieces in the mix and make it as a paste, Add some turmeric powder in it and mix it for 5 minutes.After that, we can use this paste in affected parts.Wash it only after at least thirty minutes.

Scrub it well before washing the paste from the face.Use this method continuously or day after day.It will surely help to remove facial hairs easily.

2, The second tips is mainly for gulf peoples.First of all take some Sambar Dal, Potato, Honey, lemon juice. First, put sambar dal in water for more than six hours.Otherwise, it’s not easy to crush the dal and making the paste.

After that crush the dal and mix the potato juice in it.Put one tablespoon lemon juice and one tablespoon honey in that paste.Shake it well for more than five minutes. Use this paste in affected part twice a day. It will surely help to remove the unwanted facial hair.