Tooth Pain New Home Remedies



A toothache is a common problem faced by all the genders and all age type peoples. Especially it seems in children’s and middle aged peoples.In dental problems main is a toothache. Unexpectable pain is the most important symptom of this dental problem.Food and unhealthy habits are also a reason for a toothache.Infection from food and water also decay the tooth. Still, a lot of peoples searching for the good home remedies for a toothache. So here we give some new home remedies to cure a toothache.The advice from a dental doctor is also helpful to prevent it.


1, Instant and constant pain

2, Throbbing

3, Sore and swelling

4, Mouth smell

5, Headache


1, Pepper powder with Salt: The mixing up of both pepper powder and salt with (Umikkiri) with some water. Make it as a paste and use it daily for brushing with your finger. Don’t use the brush.It surely gives relief from tooth pain. In pepper powder and salt having bacterial resistant power and it protects teeth from infections.

2, Garlic paste: 

Garlic paste is also helpful for the pain relief and removes decay. garlic is good for various diseases and having disease resistant power.Use garlic paste in affected part help to reduce the pain.Garlic increases our immunity power.

3, Saltwater: Take one glass of water. Mix some salt in it and heat the water for 5 minutes.warm the salt water and use it in the mouth. It’s also good for getting sudden relief of pain in affected part. Saltwater contains the antioxidizing agent and it’s very powerful to kill all the bacteria in the mouth. So it’s an important remedy for Tooth pain.In our place its the most useful home remedy.

Here the below video describe all about to reduce tooth pain and all preventive and effective measures for the tooth pain.