Vinegar Uses In Kitchen


Vinegar,a common kitchen product found in every kitchen. It is commonly used in food items like pickle to increase the shelf life. Vinegar is commonly known as a preservative, there are many other uses too. Let’s discuss some uses of vinegar.The stains that appear in the crockeries on boiling water, potatoes, egg etc can be easily removed by adding few drops of vinegar in the water and boiling for ten minutes.Everybody uses glass cups. We even get these glass cups and cookware set as complementary gifts on purchase at some stores and shops. And these usually bear the stores name printed on it. These prints are not always enjoyed by all buyers. These can be removed using vinegar. The printed part must be submerged in vinegar for few minutes and can simply wiped with a cloth or cotton to remove it and make the crockery clean as new.

A common problem while boiling two three eggs together is the shell breaking. This can be avoided by adding few drops of vinegar in the water used to boil the egg.Vinegar can be used to marinate meat and chicken instead of lime juice. Vinegar keeps the meat soft even after deep frying without any change in taste.The coffee stains on cup is an other issue every kitchen faces. On regular use of the cups the stains becomes almost impossible to remove completely. Even these stains can easily removed by using vinegar to clean the cups.The stains of water on taps and pipes can also be removed by scrubbing with vinegar.
Inside of a fridge can be cleaned with vinegar to remove stains and stale smell inside the fridge by making a solution of vinegar and water in equal proportion.

Waste bins can be made clean and germ free by applying vinegar inside and leaving it overnight to clean it the next day.Steel flask and water bottles are usually difficult to clean. It can be cleaned with a mixture of water and vinegar in equal proportion.The present condition have made getting germ free vegetables and fruits a herculean task. We can ensure the vegetables and fruits safety by submerging them in water with few tea spoon of vinegar in it for few minutes.Mirror can be made look new and shiny by sprinkling some vinegar and water and wiping it with paper.Wooden furniture can also be made to look new and clean by wiping it with vinegar in proper proportion.The bad smell that pertains in plastic containers can be removed by keeping a slice of bread with few drops of vinegar in it.There are many more uses of vinegar. For further details watch the video.