Easy Cutlet Making Tips

Easy Cutlet Making Tips
Easy Cutlet Making Tips

Easy Cutlet Making TipsTODAY RECIPE CUTLET:

Cutlet is a main food craft in all bakery and in marriages. Most of them love it because of the taste.Here we can study how to make Soya cutlet easily.It’s easy to make and tasty.It will give you the flavor of chicken and beef.It’s a vegetable recipe.


1, Soya chunks (100 Gm)

2, Onion (2)

3, Ginger (1)

4, Chilly (4 pieces)

5, Crushed Bread

6, Potato (3 )

7, Egg white (3)

8, Salt (1 teaspoon)

9, Pepper powder (1 teaspoon)

10, Oil


First, drench the soya chunks in water for one or two hours.Mix some salt in water before saturating the soya chunks. Crush the soya chunks in mixi. All the other details detailed describes in below video. Watch it and give your valuable comments.