Kulukki sarbath

New Kulukki sarbath in kerala

Kerala tastes are famous all over the world, Here we can learn how to make kulukki sarbath,

Now a days Kerala seems very hot in climate during the summer season,Its very difficult to overcome the hot temperature in Kerala.Here all of us use lime juice sambharam or other juice to overcome the thirst.This juice helps to control over the hot climate.

Here we can learn how to make kulukki sarbath, here the drink is familiar to Kerala peoples from the last summer season.Its also called us shaken lemonade,that means kulukki= shaken and juice = sarbath,. Its most familiar in Kerala only.


The youth in Kerala love kulukki sarbath they were the only people which make the word famous. Kulukki sarbath is originated from kozhikode (Calicut) and call us kozhikkoden kulukki sarbath. There is a story behind the origin of kulukki sarbath. Its first make by a street vendor named shaji , people call him us shajikka. There is no artificial ingredients is one of the highlight of kozhikkoden kulukki sarbath.Now its familier and fans all over kerala.


Lime – 1 no

Sugar- 2 tea spoon

Basil seeds – 1 tea spoon

Salt- 1 tea spoon

Ginger – 1/2 tea spoon

Water – 1 glass

Chilly – 2 tea spoon

Pepper – 1 tea spoon

Ice cubes – 2


1, First make the syrup of sugar with 2 table spoon of water and 2 table spoon of sugar

2, Basil seeds soaks in water

3, Take the one tea spoon sugar syrup in one glass

4, Extract the juice from the lime in to the glass

5, Add other ingredients like chilly , pepper, and so on

6, A small piece lime is slicely cut in to the water

7, Put the ice cubes in to the water

8, Cover the glass tightly and hardly shake the glass for five minutes

9, Enjoy the Special taste of Kozhikkodan kulukki sarbath

We can easily make it in home especially in the summer season. Try it and enjoy ……