White color edible substance with no sugar and fat with lot of flesh, the mushroom. A food with lot of vitamins and minerals. Mushroom is a item both vegetarian and non-vegetarian enjoy alike. It has lot of medicinal values. Immunity power can be increased by eating mushroom. Mushroom now being cultivated all around the world with its increased demand. The number of mushroom cultivators have also increased.To cultivate this one must have good knowledge of its cultivating Technics and methods.

There are many types of mushroom. The climate conditions determines which type can be cultivated. Every mushroom has its own values. For every mushroom to be grown hay can be used. The steps of cultivating mushroom in hay is as follows:1-The bubbles in hay should be removed by putting hay in water few chemicals for one day or by boiling the hay in hot water for few hours.2-The excess of water must be removed from the hay by laying a clean plastic sheet on a wooden plank. The correct form of hay must be moist by not dripping water.

3-This processed hay must be properly laid in poly prop lene covers.And mushroom seeds should be sowed in this hay.4-This processed must be repeated thrice and sow the seeds each time.5-closing the covers opening the hay must be properly stacked inside with hands.6-Secure the opening tightly with a rubber band.7-Make small pores on the cover for air circulation.8-Make a note of the date the process is done.By this the mushroom is ready to grow.

These bags must be kept in dark rooms without touching the floor. It can be hanged from the ceiling.After three weeks it must be brought out of the dark rooms.For better growth mushroom fertilizer can be added to it.The fertilizer should be kept evenly on top of the layer of hay. After adding the fertilizer the stack must be kept in a properly lit room.It maintain the moisture sprinkle water once in a while.Within one week sprouts mushroom will start to appear on the top.Not all the sprout will grow out to be a healthy mushroom. Within one week after sprouting the mushroom can be harvested. The stem can be easily broken using hands and the remains must be removed after harvest. The remains in the stack can be used to make fertilizer for other farm products.This stack can be reused by moisturizing it again.For further details refer the video.