Special Lemon Juice Making

Special Lemon Juice Making
Special Lemon Juice Making


Here we introduced a special lemon juice for getting refresh and health in hot time.We can make it at home with some special ingredients which are good for our health and also for our tiredness.All the ingredients using here are purely homely.


1, Lemon – 1

2, Ginger – 1 piece

3, Chilly – 1

4, Basil seeds

5, Salt

6, Sugar

These are the basic ingredients needed to making this special lemon juice


Here we describe for making one glass of special lemon juice. First, put the basil seeds in some water to make it soft.It needs just one or two minutes.Take one glass of water.Put the ginger, lemon, salt, sugar, chilly in a mixer grinder and crush it for 2 minutes with one glass of water. Fill the crushed juice in a glass and put basil seeds in it.Now the juice is ready and we can use it twice a day.It’s easy to make and easy to use.It will purify our body from unwanted toxic attacks.The lemon contains vitamin c, citric acid, complex vitamins, copper magnesium, fiber etc.It contains potassium and magnesium more than of grapes and applies. It surely gives refreshment for your body.So please try to make it and give your suggestions.Here below we gave detailed of the making video.