Vishwasam Athalle Ellam movie Review

Visvasam athalle ellam review


Visvasam Athalle Ellam movie has became surely a box office hit in Molly wood industry. The movie got good promotions because of  the leading actor in the movie. Now a days he was popular in all the news channels because of the legal case against him. Shine tom chacko is the popular face in Malayalam industry from his first film. Due to cocaine case against Shine tom chacko she dropped from the industry. Visvasam Athalle Ellam movie give re entry to shine tom Chacko to the Malayalam industry . So the film gives more attention in public.

The movie has been released today 31-07- 2015 friday, the trailor of the movie published before and got thousands of views in you tube and its a hit.

Vishwasam Athalle Ellam movie Review and preview



In Viswasam Athalle Ellam movie the female leading roles by the talented charming actress Ansiba and Archana Jayakrishnan.The movie is directed by the famous director Jayaraj vijay and Produced by Shajeer Ravuthar. Rest of the actors are Shankar, Manoj k Jayan ,kalbhavan Shajon, Sunil, Indrance, Bhagath manuel, Vijayaraghavan etc.


The story of the movie related with the young man jomon (Shine tom chacko ) whoes life is dramatic and carefree . In this film his father is Lucka (sankar) he was a police officer. He was always dispute with his father. He is always over confident and make troubles . His over confidence lead him always in trouble.


It have the good sighs of female and male leading roles, it seems good humor and having the extra ordinary story and also the direction.


The editing of sequences and the songs are not as much as good in this movie


One time watchable entertainer