Wall Leak Problems


In our houses we commonly face the issue of millipedes and centipedes, earthworms and many other worms entering the house. This problem commonly arises during rainy season. We can fix this problem to an extend by refilling the tile joints.

By using some simple techniques we can refill our tile joints. First of all with the help of an saw blade if there are no gap between the tiles make small gaps by cleaning the space. One main cause of this is the olden filling used. The new technologies have made items that doesn’t allow the worms and other particles grow in them. Once the tile gaps are made and properly cleaned without any dust particles. The next thing to do is apply the filler. The market makes available these fillers as per the customers choice. There are fillers that match the floor color. The filler consists of Resin, Hardener, Filler powder and the accessories required for mixing and application of the filler and an user manual.

The resin is the one that gives color. It must be properly mixed in the right proportion in small quantities for half a minute. The mixture if kept for too long gets stiffened and unsuitable for use. Hence make sure to mix the content in small quantities.The main advantage of doing this is that it reduces algae grown in tile gaps it does not allow water to go down in the toilet walls and also helps prevent the paint from falling off.this helps in the floor to last longer than expected.

Refilling the tile joints can be done by anyone on buying the necessary quality product for the nearby store. Even the products are easily available in the market. A little time and energy can increase the quality of our living.