Iron Box WithOut Current


Power cut is a common problem in our state. Especially during rainy season the power disturbance is unpredictable. During the power cuts ironing clothes becomes difficult.Here is a simple tip to iron clothes without electricity with an iron-box.First secure the wire of the iron-box neatly with a rubber band or tag. The heat the iron box directly on flames of a stove without burning hand or the wire.This does no harm to the iron box as well the clothes being ironed. The clothes can be ironed normally.

The flame must be checked without going above the steel pad to the plastic portion of the box. This can be done during utmost emergency but not recommended always. The advantage of this is it helps in ironing even during a power outage. And keeps clothes stiff just as using electric iron box.The disadvantage are on little carelessness can burn once hands or the wire of the iron box.For more details please refer the video suggested in the link below