New Loan Scheme


Today we are discussing about the new loan scheme introduced by our state government. The government in collaboration with the kudumbashree is now availing us a new loan facility. We will be discussing in detail about how the kudumbashree loan can be availed through bank, who is eligible for the loan etc.Our government have granted 2000 crores for this project from the 20000 crores that is kept aside for the contingency we are facing now COVID 19.

After the government approval, according the bankers association now this project is being initialised.Those who are eligible for the scene will surely receive the approval for the loan. Approximately 2.9 lakhs Ayalkuttam groups (which includes approximately 49lakh members) are now eligible for the loan.As per this survey a family will receive an amount of approximately 20000 Per family. The interest of the loan will be borne by the government of Kerala. The repayment period for this loan facility is three years, not only that it may also facilities 4 – 6 months moratorium period.As of now the eligibility for this loan is the kudumbashree units and Ayalkuttam groups. These units must not have any loan dues of an amount about 10 lakh from the approved banks. As per reports 6lakhs will be approved per kudumbashree units. The government will make an official declaration about the scheme very soon.For More watch the video