Organic fertilizer Using Banana Peel


Don’t throw banana peel next time into waste bin, you can make the same as an effective organic fertilizer. This contains nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium etc. You can add this directly to the soil. Chop the peels and apply directly to earth or mix the same with egg shells, tea waste and make an effective growth supplement to your vegetable plants.If you are getting a large amount of banana peel, dry the same and it can be used as fertilizer. This can make an excellent homemade organic growth substance for your kitchen garden.

Ingredients1. Banana peel – 1 2. Egg shells – 1 3. Tea waste – waste of 2 tea spoon
Mix these well using a blender and make a pulp and apply to the soil. This quantity is ideal for one plant. You can directly apply this into soil. Kindly put the same 1 feet away from vegetables. If plants are in grow bags maintain a distance from the plant and gradually apply the mixture. Adding a small amount of water makes the mixture pulpy and easy to pour. First soak the soil before adding the mixture.

Fertilizer are best effective when added to soil in the evenings. Some other fertilizers like groundnut cake fertilizer, fish amino acid etc. you can directly apply to vegetable, flowers etc, which is an effective growth supplement to the plants. Use this mixture one in a month and test the results. You can definitely see better results with this simple mixture. Its always advisable to test this mixture on one plant and if successful continue for other plants.

Advantage:1) Low cost 2) Easy to make with waste found easily at home 3) Its organic and harmless to the plant and humans To watch the application of the fertilizer please watch this video.