Pravasi Welfare


NRI welfare scheme,In Kerala it is hard to find a house without an NRI member in the family. They form the back bone of most of the families in Kerala. The NRI on their retirement life always wish to return to their homeland and enjoy the rest of their life here. Most of them spend the best part of their lives there and come back with poor health conditions and with no fixed income which makes their life miserable on a longer stay. So,the government of Kerala have incorporated a scheme to help the NRIs ” Kerala NRI Welfare Scheme”( Kerala Pravasi KShema Nidhi) This scheme is to provide the NRI a pension in the retired life after 60(for people who stayed abroad for a period of not less than 5 years)

Here the person who pays a certain amount for a period of not less than 5 years will get a pension with an interest of 3% of the amount paid.CSC centres are available to take membership and pay amount to Kerala Pravasi Kshema Nidhi

  • People go abroad for the wellbeing and to secure the lives of their family and relatives and usually forgets to look at their own welfare or to even think about their live after coming back to their natives. This can be clearly understood by looking at the number of membership in the Kerala Pravasi KShema Nidhi. The number of members in The scheme is very less taking into account the number of NRIs in the state. Reason behind not taking the membership may be their ignorance about the scheme or their poor condition to approach the CSC or to pay a fixed amount on a common basis or it could also be due to some wrong information they have received about the scheme and it’s working. Their are many fake information like only those who possess Norka card can avail this facility. NORKA card is a type of insurance card.
    It’s always adviced to take a membership Kerala Pravasi KShema Nidhi to live a peaceful without depending anyone after returning from abroad.Who can get a membership in Kerala Pravasi KShema Nidhi?
    style=”text-align: left;”>Those working abroad  A person who worked abroad for a period of two years and came back and is now staying in Kerala.A person who is working in a different state in India other than Kerala for a period of more than 6 years Age must be between 18 – 56 years Benefits of the scheme Pension to members from the age of 60
    If the member expires before the age of pension his/her dependents will be eligible for  the pension In case of any permanent health issue special financial and treatment aids For women members support for their daughter’s wedding Financial support and loan to buy property, build house and renovate the existing house and property.
     Financial support and loans to member’s children’s higher education.