Widow Pension 2020


Our government is supporting every category of people in our state.Widow and divorced are not forgotten by the government. The government extends a support towards widows and divorced women as well. Pension is given to widows and divorced women by the state government with incorporating with the central government scheme i.e Indra Gandhi Pension scheme.The current government have increased the pension amount by ₹100 making a total of ₹1300 per month.

The application is received and necessary verification is done. On the 45th day, if the applicant is eligible pension is allowed to them. In case if the application is not accepted, and the applicant is a widow or divorced and not remarried, the applicant can directly approach the collector for an appeal. The women whose husband is missing without any news for 7 years are also eligible for pension under this scheme if the basic conditions are not breached.There are approximately 14000 lakh eligible applicants under this scheme.

Basic Conditions:The applicant must not be remarried.The Net Income of the applicant or the applicants family must be below ₹ 100000.Documents to be submitted along with the application form:The death certificate of the spouse must be submitted if the applicant is a widow. And the certificate of divorce in case of a divorcee.

Certificate from village office state proving the applicant is not remarried must be submitted.The copy of these must be uploaded in Sevana. The applicant must be residing in the current location for a minimum period of two years. And supporting documents must be submitted.An ID card is another important document to attached along.Income certificate stating the total annual income from the village office.For further details watch the video